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Monthly Archives: October 2017

3 Takeaways from NICSA’s 2017 General Membership Meeting

Delta Data recently attended NICSA’s 2017 General Membership Meeting in Boston to gain a deeper understanding of what’s driving innovation in the financial services industry. The day passed quickly with keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtables with industry experts, and we gleaned some interesting insights into what the future of financial services may hold.

If you missed the conference but want more information on how to utilize technology to improve your business, we put together three major takeaways from our time in Boston. Read more

David Riley

David is a Vice President of Client Relationship Management at Delta Data. Prior to Delta Data he has logged over 20 years in the mutual fund operations and transfer agency industry. Connect with David on LinkedIn.

How to Achieve Successful Technology Vendor Partnerships in the Mutual Fund Industry

The relationship between mutual fund companies and technology vendors has changed dramatically in the last decade. Fund shops over this time have collectively decided that the amount of due diligence and associated costs of working with dozens of vendors was too burdensome, and frankly not worth the risk involved.

Fund companies began evaluating their existing roster of vendors to determine which ones had the broader breadth of capabilities, and deepening relationships with those firms that would best help them navigate the regulatory landscape while driving innovation. This process has been accelerated in recent years by mounting regulatory reporting obligations and increased investor demand for transparency. Read more

Bret Bange

Bret is SVP of Sales at Delta Data and has more than 20 years of sales experience in technology, data, and financial services industries. He is responsible for building and developing new business and strategic alliances, as well as managing the client relationship management team. Connect with Bret on LinkedIn.