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The Motivations behind the SEC “Distribution in Guise” Sweeps

The biggest and most vexing news concerning mutual funds this year involves a three letter acronym: SEC, followed by a three letter word: why? The SEC has been conducting deep drill down sweeps into the practice of fund companies paying out distribution fees disguised as service fees. The question floating around the industry is: why has this become important to the SEC now? Well, to understand the present involves looking at the past, and that requires a review of the SEC’s Rule 12b-1

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Omnibus Transparency to Help Solve One of the Money Market Reform Issues

In the recent Ingites article, “BlackRock: Bring On Gates, Stress Tests for Bond Funds“, Blackrock is suggesting more omnibus transparency to help guard against fixed income market liquidity shortages. This all has to do with the MMR (Money Market Reform) issues the fund industry is currently dealing with. They are suggesting policymakers Read more

Explanation of Industry Issue Around Sales Charge Waivers & Share Class Eligibility

There are two issues the broker dealers are faced with that have caused these fines and rebates to customers as outlined in the article below. Most of the fines/rebates are around B/Ds selling A shares to retirement plans and charitable accounts in which they stated in their prospectus that they would waive those fees. Read more

Overview of Distribution in Guise Issue

A recent Ignites article highlighted the imminent enforcement from the SEC on “distribution in guise”. This is a complex topic our clients are faced with. Our current clients are using the insight from our analytics suite coupled with the automated expense allocation execution our Fee Management platform to solve this complex issue. We prepared this overview of the issue to provide insight for our clients on how these issues can be tackled regardless of technical platform and compliance with distribution rules can be obtained in the current complex fee marketplace.  Read more

Distribution in Guise’ Enforcement Actions in Works: SEC

In case you missed this article in today’s issue of Ignites. Looks like what they examined in the “Distribution in Guise” sweep will  be covered now in regular exams of funds. This should take it down stream to some of the smaller funds as the sweep probably just hit the big fund companies. Read more