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We know you want to stay current with the news and events of what is happening in the financial world. Look no further! Check our blog today. Our team of knowledgeable staff updates our blog monthly with information about trends and events.


Delta Data Introduces Automated Omnibus and Fully Disclosed Fund Trading with Launch of FundLinx 10.0

Columbus, GA – September 16, 2019 –Delta Data, a SaaS infrastructure Solutions Company for the Investment Management industry, today announces the release of FundLinx: 10.0, representing the evolution of Delta Data’s industry leading platform to a fully integrated suite of products, supporting the straight through, processing of securities for both omnibus and fully disclosed accounts.

FundLinx 10.0 is designed for Bank Trusts and Record Keepers to manage the life cycle of Mutual Fund, CIT, ETF and VIT trades in an exception based straight-through processing environment. Full integration with Delta Data’s Data as a Service suite, Aperio Security Master, FundBlast Counterparty Communications system, and ATM ACATs/Transfers system, enable one-stop management of the back office.

The new release represents the culmination of a three-year development cycle based on 15 years of production usage and extensive feedback from our clients. 10.0 manages transactions on the message level, applying categorization through business rules based on product type, counterparty transaction type, and clearing partner. This enables the solution to determine the optimum execution time and clearing partner for each trade in both real-time execution or as part of combined omnibus after hours trading. Significant processing efficiency has been realized with Delta Data customers who have moved to an exception-based trade processing model.

FundLinx 10.0’s Integration with additional Delta Data enterprise capabilities provides for intuitive proactive and automated controls including large trade notification warnings for specific counterparties, pending corporate actions at the trade level, automatic shifting of ACATs to B52 for non-ACAT eligible securities, and the ability to add securities to the platform in real-time for same-day trading. Technical re-design of the back end of the product delivers a message-based platform that has been tested in excess of 2mm sub-account trades rolled to super omnibus in under 10 minutes.

“FUNDLinx 10.0 represents an architectural shift, from a legacy client/server-based solution to a modern web platform that is tightly integrated to the Delta Data suite of products. This rewrite modernizes the platform and positions FUNDLinx for growth and scale. Building upon the messaging infrastructure in the application, the integration to both our products and the ability to integrate with client internal systems, provides a rich user experience and previously unavailable functionality,” says Whitfield Athey, CEO, Delta Data.


FundLinx 10.0 includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled

FundLinx 10.0 incorporates the first generation of Delta Data’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. The initial use cases will leverage daily trade order and confirmations to provide predictive intelligence on current day trade risk, and both proactively and re-actively identify trade order execution risks. Delta Data’s integrated environment allows for AI to provide unique insights encompassing account counterparty, product, and corporate action event based information.

  • Fully Automate Omnibus and Fully Disclosed Trade Processing

Once each order is received, the system’s automated workflow leverages the rules based trade decision engine to determine the correct automated workflow route to execute the trade. Trade rollup, transmission and receipt/matching of the confirmation is automated, and attention is only requested when an error has been encountered.

  • Integration with our Full Suite of products

Order and trade management is greatly enhanced through direct access to contextual information regarding the product with which the trade is made, the trading counterparty and the latest events affecting trade activity like Account Holds and in flight Product Corporate Actions.

  • Rules-based Trade Routing

Rules based automated workflow analyzes each trade and automatically determines the trade’s validity, proper formation, the optimal clearing route, timing, and whether to trade in an Omnibus or Fully Disclosed manner. FundLinx’s unique ability to leverage multiple clearing partners or direct trading for each trade across the activity to be cleared helps control costs and optimize revenue.

  • Message-Based Architecture

The new message-based architecture delivers horizontal scalability allowing FundLinx to scale to any trade processing throughput.

  • Private Cloud-Based

FundLinx 10.0 is a web-based application delivered exclusively through Delta Data’s private cloud-based infrastructure. This reduces the total cost of ownership, increases accessibility, and ensures optimal health of the software.


About Delta Data:  

Delta Data provides back-end solutions processing trillions of dollars in assets for the mutual fund industry, supporting four of the top 10 US banks, four of the top five US retirement recordkeepers and four of the top five US investment managers. Delta Data’s industry-vetted and sophisticated SaaS integrated technology suite enables financial companies to manage the dynamic environment of regulatory change and risk associated with internal and external data management. Delta Data’s unique position within the financial industry allows for the maximum effective application of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a turnkey solution for financial services companies seeking to stay ahead of the change.

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Steve Lundin



Delta Data to Attend and Exhibit at ICI General Membership Meeting

We’re looking forward to attending and exhibiting at ICI’s General Membership Meeting (GMM) in Washington DC May 1-3, 2019! In its 61st year, ICI’s GMM is a great opportunity to connect with other leaders in the global fund industry, as well as hear insights from their top-of-the-line speakers.

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Delta Data to Speak at NICSA’s 2019 Strategic Leadership Forum

We’re excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) in Ponte Verde Beach, FL April 3-5, 2019. As the must-attend event for professionals in the global asset management industry, NICSA SLF will be a great opportunity to connect with peers and hear from all perspectives, such as asset management firms, broker-dealers, and an extensive group of firms that include technology, law, and service firms that support the industry. Read more

market closures, brokers, financial consulting, fundblast, mutual fund, financial services, data management, counterparty relationships, delta data

Why Unplanned Market Closures Put a Strain on Distributor Operations

Unexpected market closures, like the one we experienced recently for the funeral of former President George H. W. Bush, put the mutual fund industry in a precarious position. And while they don’t occur very often, when they do — it puts operations teams under serious strain, especially on the distribution side. Read more

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Employee Spotlight: Bret Bange and Jason Davenport

Our employee spotlight this week, includes two great men. This year has been one of innovation, achievement, and exciting growth here at Delta Data. Some of our notable accomplishments in 2018 include the launch of new products such as FundBlast and our Proprietary Product Manager, recognition as a TAG Top 40 Innovative Tech company, and a NICSA Nova award win for Innovation in Technology. Read more

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Financial Industry Trends: Reflections from our 2018 Client Conference

Every year, we have the privilege of bringing our clients together to talk about industry trends and discuss our latest product updates. It’s hands down the most instructive three days for us at Delta Data. They help us draw our innovation roadmap and keep our efforts focused on solving their problems rather than chasing the buzzwords in the headlines. I may be the CEO of Delta Data, but I’m proud to say that our clients truly guide the direction of our company. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read more

Delta Data Launches Proprietary Product Manager

New digital portal significantly eases operational strain associated with creating and managing proprietary products

The Launch of a Proprietary Product Manager

COLUMBUS, Ga., September 18, 2018 – Delta Data, a leading provider of software and data management solutions for the mutual fund industry, today announced the launch of its Proprietary Product Manager (PPM), a tool that supports the construction, trade execution and administration of proprietary funds for trust companies, record keepers, insurance companies and broker-dealers. Read more

FundBlast Recognized by NICSA

Every year at NICSA’s General Membership Meeting, the top initiatives, technologies, and personalities in the asset management industry are presented with NICSA NOVA Awards. This year, we’re proud to announce that FundBlast won its “Innovation in Technology” Award, and are honored to have received this prestigious distinction. Read more

President Signs Executive Order on Strengthening Retirement Security

On August 31, 2018, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Strengthening Retirement Security in America. This EO directs the US Department of Labor and the Treasury to consider issuing regulations and guidance that would (1) make it easier for businesses to offer association retirement plans, also known as multiple employment plans (MEP), (2) improve the effectiveness of and reduce costs of furnishing required plan notices and disclosures, to include broader use of electronic delivery, and (3) update life expectancy and distribution period tables for purposes of required minimum distributions. Read more

Counterparty Communications Seen as Most Neglected Function

Twenty years ago, email was coming into its own as a simple and effective solution for counterparty communications important information to large groups of people – a significant technological upgrade to faxes. For the fund industry, this has long been the standard for disseminating important information about products to the firms who distribute and service them. As the years went on, the industry has clung to the email based system ever since, despite the industry growing and becoming more complex. Read more

Our Journey from DeltaDataSoft.com to DeltaData.com

Recently our firm completed the end of what can only be called an odyssey. For years, we sought to acquire the domain Deltadata.com from a company who bought up “swell sounding” domain names in the mid-nineties. Their business model may have been sound, but the execution ended up being quite poor. Despite our best efforts to reach them, we didn’t receive a response from the domain owner for more than 15 years. We felt like someone else had lost the blockchain hash key to our domain name!  Read more

Fund Communication Shouldn’t Bog Down Broker Dealers

It’s indisputable that fintech is rapidly changing the landscape of financial services. It seems as though there’s a new innovation every day promising that Mutual Fund asset managers can leave their outdated legacy systems behind. Broker-dealers have been particularly hampered in recent years due to where they sit in the mutual fund supply chain. They are pulled in all directions, whether it’s their fund company partners adding or altering share classes or responding to demands from their investment managers around product availability, performance, and transparency. Read more