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Distribution Services

More than half of the top Recordkeepers and Bank Trusts use Delta Data’s Distribution Services.*

Distribution Services is a robust hosted platform focused on the servicing of assets in pooled investment products. It is a complete vertical solution from source data to client facing analytics but with a la carte option capability to fit each client’s need.

It includes a unique perspective for our Distribution clients given our industry-leading oversight toolset for our top tier Asset Management clients.

distribution services


Less Technology and Operations spend

  • Ongoing innovation removes need for major platform overhauls every ten years
  • Integrated business intelligence, Data and BPM reduces BA costs
  • Straight through processing and integrated tools reduce head count

Reduced time to market

  • Sure your IT team can build it out over the next decade, they are good, but this is available now and at a fraction of the cost and risk
  • Ease of integration is a primary focus of our entire service as we are aware it is one of your biggest expenses

Increased client satisfaction

  • More visibility and transparency
  • Fewer breaks of data and trading
  • More data to share increasing client value proposition

Reduced risk

  • 1.5 Trillion in assets traded and support of the largest service firm’s core business insures these products were built correctly



  • For over 28,000 funds and 400 fund families
  • Corporate Actions – World’s only Future Dated Corporate Action Updates feed (See FundBlast for details)

Product and Data Management

  • Centralized control of all pooled investments on platform (Open/Closed 40-Act Funds, CITs, WRAP, Target Dates, SMA’s)
  • Manage proprietary products seamlessly with registered securities
  • Integrated data dictionary with over 700 pre-defined attributes already normalized across DTCC feeds, Morningstar, Lipper and Delta Data datasets
  • Client configurable data integrity and multi-sourced data comparison rules
  • Exception-based management of NAV, Daily Accrual Factors, Periodic Dividends, Corporate Action events
  • Easily Implemented SaaS solution for a quick and affordable integration with Enterprise EDM Strategy

Trading and Reconciliation

  • Full NSCC connectivity and Omnibus to fully disclosed position reconciliation system
  • Automated management of account setup at the fund
  • Specific support for specialty sub-accounting activities
    • Bank Trust Income complexities, Retirement RK trading of corporate stock, Broker Dealer intraday processing of ETFs etc.
  • Automated income processing with allocation to sub positions
  • Fund of Fund rebalancing engine
  • High volume support for the largest servicing partners

Revenue Management

  • Attribute based calculation and invoicing system
  • Supports servicing activities where both receivables and payables are connected
  • Supports all industry fee types
    • 12b1, Service Fees, Platform Fees, Revenue Shares, One time fees, Custom defined
  • Supports any fee calculation methodology currently used in the industry
    • bps, $$$, Both bps/$$$ with Tiers, Breakpoints, Minimums, Maximums thresholds
  • Periodic automated accruals with integration with GL
  • Payment reconciliation and allocation

Reporting and Analytics

  • Supports robust business intelligence dash-boarding and scheduled report information for all services in platform
  • Tailored to each client platform for data intelligence need
  • Self provisioning data warehouse and data marts
  • Integrated 22c2 analytics and connectivity to the DTCC
  • Ability to store raw sub account information and transmit to DTCC OmniSERV, RPR (Retirement), DSP transparency data
  • Can be integrated with existing portal technologies

Relationship and Counterparty Management

  • A CRM tool to manage your counterparties’ information. It comes pre-configured with all the registered fund distributors who are the likely counterparties. The tool allows you to track the specific people, contact info, etc.
  • Supports securely communicating other information between the two parties such as documents, deal structures, critical communication, data and deal structures (e.g. think of a data room)

*Comparing our client list to the list of 2016 Top Recordkeepers by plansponsor.com and the list of 25 Largest Institutions by Fiduciary Assets, FDIC, data as of 2Q 2016.

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