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Revenue Management

In today’s sell-side environment, how do you ensure the correct fees are being collected?

The proliferation of fund company selling agreements and a vast range of revenue sharing arrangements across these relationships adds tremendous complexity to the process of ensuring correct fees are being collected. Implementing the proper controls to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of this key business process is critically important.

Delta Data’s Revenue Manager delivers confidence and control by automating the management of every aspect of mutual fund fees, revenue sharing and commission processing. With a focus on flexibility, process control and compliance with regulatory standards, Revenue Manager takes the guesswork out of fee and commission management. In a world of transparency and full disclosure, revenue, commission and fee administration is a process in which precision, analysis, flexibility and control are critical functions.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures precise calculation of both receivable and payable revenue sharing
  • Provides a powerful fee wizard that allows users great flexibility in the setup of fee agreements and calculation formulas
  • Frees staff from manual tracking and reconciliation of fees and commissions to focus on more critical tasks
  • Facilitates compliance by ensuring timely posting of fee accruals to the general ledger system
  • Reduces exposure to risk by automating regulatory compliance and maintaining a comprehensive audit trail
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