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FundBlast Recognized by NICSA

FundBlast Recognized by NICSA

Every year at NICSA’s General Membership Meeting, the top initiatives, technologies, and personalities in the asset management industry are presented with NICSA NOVA Awards. This year, we’re proud to announce that FundBlast won its “Innovation in Technology” Award, and are honored to have received this prestigious distinction.


NICSA offers the following criteria for the Innovation in Technology Award:

This Award recognizes visionaries in the asset management industry that have developed or implemented ground-breaking technology which has delivered financial, performance, and/or risk-reduction benefits to investors.

The Award showcases distinguished pioneers who have advanced the integration of transformative technology in order to drive improved efficiency, productivity, and client service capabilities. Candidates will have demonstrated creative utilization of cutting-edge technology solutions or business intelligence initiatives.

FundBlast Innovation

Before FundBlast, communicating mutual fund changes was inefficient, complicated, and onerous. As we’ve noted in past blog posts, fund changes were typically sent out via blast emails. This carried significant risk and relied on manual processes to ensure important fund changes were communicated, received and processed in a timely manner. FundBlast transformed a formerly convoluted process into one that allows for real-time communication between funds and their distributors and is the first technology of its kind to do so.

With industry leaders like BNY Mellon adopting the platform shortly after its launch at the beginning of 2018, we feel as though FundBlast is primed to revolutionize counterparty communications, and we’re pleased NICSA feels the same way.

Why Delta Data Trust FundBlast

At Delta Data, we’re not the kind of company that likes to pump its own tires. We are more than content to take a back seat and let the success of our clients speak for itself. But being recognized by an industry-leading association such as NICSA serves as additional validation that the work we’re doing matters. And in communicating that to you, our hope is that those using the platform feel the same way.

As a company that prides itself on being “a 30-year old startup,” it’s imperative that we’re constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to solve industry pain points. Four years after commencing our work on FundBlast, we’ve proven that we can accomplish that mission, and look forward to continuing to offer solutions for the progress and efficiency of the mutual fund industry.

For more information on the 2018 NICSA NOVA Awards winners, please read the NICSA press release.

To learn more about FundBlast and to schedule a demo, visit our FundBlast page.

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