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Oversight Solutions

Want more visibility into what your distribution partners are doing? Check out the view from the people who built their platforms.

Oversight Solutions is a comprehensive suite of oversight products for mutual fund companies that leverage distribution transparency data, integrated with reporting, analytics and counterparty management to provide unparalleled insights.


Fee Management

  • Verifies accurate fee payment by comparing contractually based fee calculations against invoice
  • Allows user to focus on the errors while straight through processing with configurable tolerances allows auto approval of correct invoices


  • Automates monitoring and analytics for complete 22c2, subaccount and omnibus fund policy trade monitoring


  • Provides the ability to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate your counterparty relationships in one portal, allowing you to better manage your oversight activities. After all, how do you uphold the rules of the prospectus when you can’t see all the links in your distribution chain?

Relationship and Counterparty Management

  • Acts as a CRM tool to manage your counterparties’ information. It comes pre-configured with all the registered fund distributors who are the likely counterparties. The tool allows you to track the specific people, contact info, etc.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

  • Brings in key data points from all silos of your firm, including our Fee Management and other Oversight solutions, into one view to quantitatively determine how your intermediaries are performing
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