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What’s in a domain – Our Journey from to

What’s in a domain – Our Journey from to

Recently our firm completed the end of what can only be called an odyssey. For years, we sought to acquire the domain from a company who bought up “swell sounding” domain names in the mid-nineties. Their business model may have been sound, but the execution ended up being quite poor. Despite our best efforts to reach them, we didn’t receive a response from the domain owner for more than 15 years. We felt like someone else had lost the blockchain hash key to our domain name! 

Then out of the blue, the aforementioned company called us and offered us the domain for next to nothing. Needless to say, we leapt at the opportunity and are pleased to announce that the transition went off without a hitch (we hope you found the same thing in your experience with our website).

Why would I devote time writing a blog post for a seemingly innocuous change? Because this update represents more to me and our company than merely trimming our domain name.

Let me give you some of the backstory. When I started with Delta Data eight years ago, I gathered our product and services teams together and encouraged them to think differently about Delta Data Software, Inc. What I observed in my first year at the firm was that our domain knowledge was our best value, even if our internet domain conveyed that software was.

I challenged the dozen or so individuals, who all had 15+ years of experience in Mutual Fund operations at the time, to focus on creating that value for our clients every day. That shift in mindset allowed us to better tap into our deep experience and gave us the ability to successfully guide our clients along a change path to bring their execution to best-in-class capability.

The incredibly complex nature of the environment we work in, combined with the ever-increasing requirements around straight-through processing and automated decision-making and issue-resolution, absolutely requires software. However, when you look at how the arrow flies with our firm, the knowledge, experience, and value represent the tip, shaft and flights of the arrow — the software is just the bow to deliver it at today’s business speed.

When I was promoted to CEO, I made this our top priority. We eschew buzzwords like “Big Data,” “AI” and “RPA” because that beckons all those involved to focus on the technology and not on the business. Sure, our software has all of these components and more, but when you see a racecar win at Daytona, the driver doesn’t immediately credit the person who designed state of the art cylinder heads. Instead, he or she thanks the team that helped them get to the podium.

Technology will come and go, and there will always be the “next big thing” for industry pundits to debate. Delta Data has 35 years in business success by helping our clients stay ahead of the change. Although software will always be a component of that service, we were happy to finally receive our long-sought-after domain, as kind of a final validation that we are much more than a software company.

Now if I can just find the right person to return my calls for our desire to purchase …


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Whitfield Athey

Whitfield Athey is CEO of Delta Data Software. His role at Delta Data is focused on growth of the product base, satisfaction of clients and scalability of the organization.

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